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What's Inspected During A Home Inspection

All inspection are done according to the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, you can download a copy from the ASHI web site. We inspect  roofing, roof vent boots and  and flashing,. exterior wall covering and trim, exterior of windows and doors, driveways and walkways. Grading vegetation and drainage, gutters and eaves and soffit and facial, decks, balconies, porches and railings. The plumbing system water supply and distribution to all facets. All facets/fixtures and drain lines,  shower pan, waste lines and vents, water heater,vent systems , flues, fireplaces and chimneys .fuel storage and distribution systems, drainage sumps and pump systems. Power service drop, service grounding, service equipment and  disconnect, interior components  of electrical panels and sub panels. light switches and outlets. Ground fault circuit interrupters and light fixtures. Heating and air conditioning system, walls ceilings and floors, insulated window seals. door and window operation, steps and stairways. garage doors and door openers, counter tops and cabinets, applyances. attic ventilation, insulation, basement floors and foundation.

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